Publishing the Comic Book

The final page of RomeoXJulien-Act 1 will be released here on September 2. Then we’ll take a few weeks to get the publication together.  Don’t worry, we’ll have a guest artist doing some fun stuff on the page.

ROMEOxJULIEN, Act 1, will be released through in October.  

However, we’ll have advance copies for you when you visit MARINA’s table in the Artist Alley at Another Anime Con in Manchester, New Hampshire, or Nijicon near Philadelphia, PA.

Act 2 will begin in October 7 with a beautiful cover page.

PLEASE SUPPORT us at PATREON.  Your assistance will help get the bit of funds together we need to keep publishing.

Visit us at … as soon as we hit our first $100 in pledges each of our patrons will also get a really nice digital art piece of the PALMERS’ PASSAGE.