JUST YAOI is a webcomic site that will bring you stories about m/m (AKA gay) romance, comedy and beautifully handsome men.

What is YAOI? It’s storytelling, with pictures, of men loving men. In Japan it is written by women for other women. However, this graphic novel presentation has grown well beyond that; many other cultures have embraced this genre.


Featured Author: MARINA

MARINA is the nom-de-plume of two creators who are versed in the art and culture of yaoi, m/m gay romance and comic books. A couple of people who know what they like and want to create more of it! And then share it with the community that also loves yaoi, m/m romance, and a little bit of Shakespeare.

The artist has been published by such notables as Tokyopop and Harper Collins. Knowledge in this industry, as well as the art form, will bring these stories and site to life.

The writer has been collecting and writing stories in the m/m fiction genre since the dawn of Blue Boy books and Tom of Finland’s.

Thank you for taking the time to discover this little corner of the internet, and we hope you enjoy your stay.


About RomeoXJulien…

RomeoXJulien is a yaoi/gay/BL (boylove) webcomic. It’s a comic riff on the story Will Shakespeare ripped off from Ovid’s Pyramus and Thisbe. So, really, there is nothing new under the sun.

It’s the story of the Capulet Family, who run a Renaissance Festival in Lake Verona, California, an imaginary place (sorry, ’cause it would be cool if it really existed), and Julien, who likes to cosplay in women’s clothing. So, what happens when Romeo meets Julien? The mixed up story of instant attraction and a bit of screwing around with what a person’s mind perceives and what is real should prove to be quite a lot of fun for readers. The beautiful art will also attract the reader that appreciates how a story isn’t told only with words.

For now the comic is pretty SFW except for a couple of “bad words” and a little Christmas gift silliness, but there will be some Adult content. When the time comes it will be mentioned beforehand and not all the the pages with adult content will be released on a more private site (patreon.com/justyaoi), some will be held for the published comic. This will not detract from the story.

The first book RomeoXJulien: Act 1-The Family is now available on Amazon.com.  It’s really for the collector who really wants to see the exquisitely drawn costumes and location more intimately than on a computer screen.


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