2019 the Year of the Finale

Yes, the end of the book is in progress right now! What a long 5-year-long trip this has been. We’ll be producing a Kickstarter Campaign for the full OMNIBUS of all 4 books. It will be called FIRST DATE: a RomeoXJulien story

Here’s our current calendar, hope to see you!

July 26-28 OTAKON in Small Press

September 6-8 RUPAUL’S DRAGCON

October 19-20 MICE (Massachusetts Independent Comics Expo (Pending)

November 15-17 ANIME NYC (pending)


We’ve finally found our colorist!  The pages of RomeoXJulien will finally become a full color comic book.  This will start happening soon, but we’re only releasing the color pages on Patreon, and we’ll be running a Kickstarter to pay the colorist.  Hope you will support us!  Thanks!