Patreon is Great

We’re getting ready to run the entire Act 3: Scene 3 with the NSFW pages over at Patreon for only $10.  It’s all sent to you in one shot, and then you get to find out what those two were actually up to for 5 hours.  Those who stay get to witness other fun stuff we put up over there.  Those who really only wanted the NSFWlandia stuff can sign out by the end of the month. 


It was so cool to meet so many of our readers at Flamecon in Brooklyn, NY last weekend.  And we’d like to WELCOME all our new readers who picked up a copy of our books or grabbed a bookmark to sign-in online to read RomeoXJulien!  (Pop Culture Place)

Back to your Regularly Schedule Program

We’re on the outskirts of NSFWlandia with today’s webcomic page.  So welcome back to many of our readers!

Until August 6 you can make a donation at our Patreon Page of only $5 and read the pages of Act 3 Scene 3 that you missed.

For a $10 donation you get access to the BennyXSammy short-story until August 6, and then the When LarryXdJuan short-story is uploaded starting August 8.

We truly appreciate our readers and fans and thank you for your continued support!


Welcome to the Outskirts of NSFWlandia

If you’d like to read the July edition of RomeoXJulien you’ll have to join our $5+ Subscribers at 

Hello Reader, We work with the knowledge that most of our readers are looking for a PG13 yaoi comic, but we know there are those who want some 18+ content. In order to feel like we’re keeping our bargain with the Internet we upload our Not Safe For Work pages only to Patreon. This way we can be pretty sure that those who are reading it there are 18+, or at least using a credit card or Paypal account that is attached to someone who is 18+.

We’ll be back in August with the continuing story of our two Boys and their Families, and Lovers, and Friends.  

Larry Xs Juan for our Patrons

Shortly after the first day of the month Patreon tells us that our patrons have paid their monthly donation.  And very soon after that we put out the $5 Patron Thank You art.  This month’s $5 Patron Thank you will be a very sexy pose of our favorite uncles, Larry and Juan.  If you’d like to get that full color piece of art, please make your pledge of $5 before May 30, and you’ll not be disappointed!

Translators WANTED

We have specific requests of anyone wanting to translate our work. We protect it and our SEO but we’re happy to work with you. If you are interested in working with us to translate please feel free to drop us an email:  marina.justyaoi at gmail