Publishing the Comic Book

The final page of RomeoXJulien-Act 1 will be released here on September 2. Then we’ll take a few weeks to get the publication together.  Don’t worry, we’ll have a guest artist doing some fun stuff on the page.

ROMEOxJULIEN, Act 1, will be released through in October.  

However, we’ll have advance copies for you when you visit MARINA’s table in the Artist Alley at Another Anime Con in Manchester, New Hampshire, or Nijicon near Philadelphia, PA.

Act 2 will begin in October 7 with a beautiful cover page.

PLEASE SUPPORT us at PATREON.  Your assistance will help get the bit of funds together we need to keep publishing.

Visit us at … as soon as we hit our first $100 in pledges each of our patrons will also get a really nice digital art piece of the PALMERS’ PASSAGE.

Enjoy our Limited Edition PREVIEW BOOK!

RomeoXJulien_LEPREVIEWBOOK_coverTo purchase: simply click on the LE PREVIEW BOOK at the right in the sidebar.

Pick the one that indicates where we should send our book, and you’ll get the correct shipping and handling price.  In the blank space let us know if you want it Autographed or anything else you want us to know.

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Want to know if you’ll LIKE IT? Perhaps this Review will help?  Oooo Yaoi Review


About RomeoXJulien…

RomeoXJulien is a yaoi/gay/BL (boylove) webcomic. It’s a comic riff on the story Will Shakespeare ripped off from Ovid’s Pyramus and Thisbe. So, really, there is nothing new under the sun.

It’s the story of the Capulet Family, who run a Renaissance Festival in Lake Verona, California, an imaginary place (sorry, ’cause it would be cool if it really existed). And their son, Julien, who likes to cosplay in women’s clothing. So, what happens when Romeo meets Julien? The mixed up story of instant attraction and a bit of screwing around with what a person’s mind perceives and what is real should prove to be quite a lot of fun for readers. The beautiful art will also attract the reader that appreciates how a story isn’t told only with words.

For now the comic is pretty SFW except for a couple of “bad words” and a little Christmas gift silliness, but there will be some Adult content. When the time comes it will be mentioned beforehand and not all the the pages with adult content will be released on this private site, some will be held for the published comic. This will not detract from the story.

We’ll be running a GoFundMe or Kickstarter campaign when the time comes to make this a publication.  We’re estimating that will be in the late summer of 2015, or when we get enough fans insisting we start getting funds together for a publication.


LIMITED EDITION Preview Book now Available

We’ve put together a full color book of all the featured characters of the RomeoXJulien Story, plus a bio page for the creators, plus Act 1: Scene 1.  It’s only $6 plus shipping, and you will also receive one of our Just Yaoi bookmarks.  Ordering is easy, just head over to the right side of this page and you’ll see how!  Thank you for your support!  Lots of fun to come!

Wishing a Happy Thanksgiving Day to all.

Here in the USA we have this crazy holiday called Thanksgiving.  It mixes up many holiday spirits.  It begins the Christmas season, as far as shopping for gift giving is concerned.  It is a football holiday, every team from High School to Pro has an important game today.  And finally, it’s a day to eat food you never prepare the rest of the year, and the family chef is expected to get it perfect.

ALL that aside, we are so very Thankful this Year for the ability to be creative and share it with people who will appreciate our talents and our strange sense of humor and our love of yaoi and romance.  Thank you for joining us as we’ve begun this long journey to tell our stories.  RomeoXJulien is the first of many, and we hope you’ll like what we do.